Runway Project

Airport Runway Project

Airport Runway Project

Runway 4-22 needs to be updated to comply with current RSA standards, as congressionally mandated and outlined in FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5300-13, Airport Design, and FAA Order 5200.8, Runways Safety Area Program.

The primary runway at Evansville Regional Airport (EVV), Runway 4-22, needs improvements in order to meet the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Runway Safety Area (RSA) design standards. Projects identified as being necessary to enable the improvements of Runway 4-22 and correct RSA deficiencies include improving instrument approach procedures and minimums on Runway 18-36, relocating Oak Hill Road and a portion of the Indiana Southern Railway.

The purpose of the Proposed Action by Evansville-Vanderburgh Airport Authority District (Sponsor) is to provide the airport with improvements which meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) design standard criteria and to enhance the operating safety conditions at the Airport. The need is to remove the nonstandard runway safety area (RSA) and reclaim full use of the primary runway length to meet the needs of the most demanding aircraft (critical aircraft) that operates at the Airport. The FAA developed these RSA standards to help protect lives and property, both in the air and on the ground, in the event an aircraft undershoots, overshoots, or veers off a runway. Standard RSAs must be cleared, drained, and capable of supporting aircraft movements under normal conditions. They must also meet the dimensional requirements of 1,000 feet beyond the end of the runway and 500 feet wide for the aircraft operating at EVV. If objects such as navigational aids must be located in an RSA to operate properly, they must be frangible, designed to break away when hit by a plane, at a height of three inches of less from the ground. The RSA off the ends of both Runway 4 and 22 is non-compliant with current FAA standards. The FAA has issued a national directive to bring RSAs into compliance with FAA airport design standards. There is a Congressional mandate to have non-compliant RSAs fixed by 2015.


A time and place for our next meeting is yet to be determined. Please check back soon for updated information.

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