Fun Facts about Evansville

What year was the first commercial flight from Evansville to Chicago?

What year did Evansville become a city?

Name five Indian tribes that lived in Evansville area.
Shawnees, Miamis, Pottawattomies, Delawares, and Kickapoos.

What does Josef Stalin's daughter, Svetlana, have in common with Evansville?
Her former husband was from Evansville.

Evansville is thought to have been the first city in the country to have what in its schools? Telephones

Why was Evansville's red light district called "Gear Town"?
It was located in 1st, 2nd and High Streets.

Why was it necessary to change the wheels on every train coming north from Kentucky or going south to Nashville?
The railroad tracks were different sizes.

What happened in 1938 to help bring Evansville out of the Depression?
The Discovery of Oil

Who invented and secured a patent for the common bottlecap?
Alfred Bernardin

How many men from Vanderburgh county fought in the Federal Army during the Civil War? 3,761

Who is best known for beginning his career in the Blue Bar?
Boots Randolph

What engineering feat did L&N Railroad accomplish in 1885?
Completion of Railroad Bridge across Ohio River into Henderson.

In what year did Evansvillians begin playing golf?

How did Evansville lose its Wharf?
Destroyed by ice jam.

What high school did fashion designer Halston attend?
Benjamin Bosse

What local sports figure became the announcer of the Kentucky Derby?
Chick Anderson

What vaudeville comedian never failed to mention his old home town Evansville in his act and movies?
Joe Cooke

What Evansville golfer won the 1944 PGA?
Bob Hamilton

When did the first electric generating plant start in Evansville?

What was the first high school west of Alleghenys?
Evansville High School near 7th and Main.

What were "The Simplicty" and the "Travler"?
Automobiles manufactured in Evansville.

Who was Evansville's College first All-American basketball player?
Gus Doerner

What television station first broadcast the news in color?

What happened to the LST Shipyard?
Destroyed in a fire.

Why did gypsies make an annual pilgrimage to Evansville?
The Queen is buried in Oak Hill Cemetary.

How many square blocks were under flooded in the 1937 flood?

Who was Anchor Industries World's largest flag dedicated to?
The Iranian Hostages

What Rex Mundi football player went on to national fame?
Bob Griese

What Civil War encampment was located on the old fairground on the riverfront?
Camp Wallace

What railroad baron was from Evansville?
David Mackey

Evansville is located just north of what famous 'line'?
Mason-Dixon Line

Hoosier Cardinal was a pioneer in the manufacture of what industry?

When was a fire department established?

What company made the first farm tractors in the United States?
Hercules Buggy Company

How long is the Ohio River?
981 Miles

Why did Evansville schools have recesses?
To move the horses to the shade.

What year was the L&N Railroad station built?

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